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Information Technology

ProMedic offers its customers a wide range of IT solutions and services

 IT Due Diligence

ProMedic helps identify transaction processing, IT management and internal control risks for customers considering a potential acquisition, and help develop a comprehensive fieldwork plan to meet IT due diligence needs.

 IT Management Consultation

We combine strategic, technical, operational and organizational expertise with proven, disciplined approaches to build solutions and provide access to a unique, global network of innovative business thinkers, whose mission is to nurture an environment where business and IT leaders can make more informed decisions when it comes to IT strategy and investments.

 Enterprise Solutions and Application Integration

We provide our customers with global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, including package evaluation and selection, implementation, and upgrades to performance-enhancing extensions like human resources, and customer relationship management thus creating a cost-effective integration architecture and infrastructure to promote interoperability among applications, and agility for the accelerating change that rules today's global marketplace.


Our partner in human-centric Business Process Management (BPM) solutions providing companies of various sizes, the simplest and quickest way to automate business process and workflow with the Intellect Platform, comprised of all the components necessary for a comprehensive BPM solution within one platform.