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Through partnership with GTCL and international security companies and specialized groups, ProMedic is able to integrate a wide range of technologies providing our clients with a seamless and cost effective solution to their project requirements.

GTCL is a privately-owned designer and installer of integrated security solutions, including Consultancy, VIP protection, Access control, Video, Locking, and also suppling physical security installations including Barriers, Turnstiles, Gates and Monitored Fencing Systems.

In providing security solutions to our clients, we partner with Westminster Group PLC, DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. and Future Fibre Technologies Pty. Ltd-- international leaders in the security business.

  • Westminister Group is a broadly based British security and defence organization; Highly experienced and internationally acclaimed which principal activity is the design, supply and ongoing support of advanced technology Fire, Safety, Security and Defense solutions to governments and government agencies, non governmental organizations and blue chip commercial organizations worldwide. The Group has extensive experience gained over many years in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a wide range of security and defense solutions including a wide range of anti-terrorism equipment & systems, border security systems and homeland security solutions.

  • DeTekion Security Systems, Inc. is the U.S. manufacturer and distributor of unique and highly reliable perimeter detection systems, including:
    • The VTW-400 Electronic Taut Wire Fence Intrusion System
    • The Sensor Coil 600 Perimeter Detection System
    • The Defensor 100 Sensor Cable and Analyzer
    • The Electro-Guard 5000 Lethal/Non-Lethal Electrified Fence
    • Wave Guard Radio Frequency Intrusion Detection System
DeTekion systems brings the latest technology in perimeter security with the highest probability of detection, the lowest false alarm rate and low maintenance of any perimeter detection system on the market.
  • Future Fibre Technologies Pty. Ltd. (FFT) is an advanced product development and manufacturing company operating in the field of distributed optical fiber sensors. This technology employs optical fibres as a sensing device for measuring such attributes as movement, vibration, pressure, strain, temperature and even audible sound.

    This technology provides world leading fiber optic intrusion detection systems for data communications security, for oil and gas pipeline third party interference detection, for fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems for sites such as military bases, airports, petrochemical plants and refineries, for secure network communication, for detection of covert tunneling an breaches through solid walls. FFT vision is to further enhance its position as the global leader in fiber optic sensing systems for security applications.'